Outback Academy Australia and the Red Dust Heelers supports the Yes Vote and here’s why

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the nation to reconcile and begin a new chapter in our history. For newly arrived Australians, and those whose ancestors came here seeking a better life and a Fair Go, this is an obvious step – Vote YES!

Many may be shocked to learn that Australia’s First Peoples – the Indigenous people of Australia – are not already recognised in the Australian Constitution.

Historical facts are that Australia was taken possession of by the British based on the fiction of terra nullius – that Australia was a land belonging to no one. This fact, and the Constitution that eventually followed, failed to recognise that Indigenous people of Australia had lived and cared for this country and their people for millennia.

Respect for Australia in the Pacific and at an international level will be elevated by a positive YES vote. It is almost inconceivable to us that this may not happen.

A no vote will damage our relationships worldwide and between First Nations and other Australians living in Australia.

The creation of an Advisory Body – Voice to Parliament is a very small ask, but a significant one. It gives First Nations people a Voice about the issues that affect them, their culture, communities, children and families.

The concept is not new – that people with lived and intergenerational experience, are asked to consider the challenges that face them today and advise solutions. In this case, First Peoples are being provided with a mandated Voice to Parliament – that is not dependent on the whims of those who come into government and their political priorities, and who make decisions and legislation on behalf of us all.

This is about a Fair Go – and justice – in a country that shouts to the world what a great place Australia is to live, and it is for so many, but not so fair or good for too many First Nations people.

The answer is simple – YES.

The Board of Outback Academy Australia

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