Connected, thriving, healthy and happy individuals, communities and businesses achieving the greatest good for the greatest number

 As an Aboriginal led, not-for-profit organisation, Outback Academy Australia (OAA) works with communities to build cooperative, ethical businesses using under-utilised lands and assets. Our aim is to build business, and business relationships that are values based. We believe that through viable ethical business we can together impact social and environmental change for the better.

OAA takes a strengths-asset based approach to our work with landholders, emerging business operators, and individuals. Our motto is: “Start from strengths and abilities, and do what we can with what we have”

We are determined to stay located in solutions, strengths focused, and possibility thinking, action and relationships. We are attracting like-minded business friends and partners.

Our primary goal in all we do is to achieve the GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER

We promote and broker the development of game changing business models, partnerships and programs that bring about the greatest good for the greatest number, leaving no-one behind, while leaving country better than how we found it.

East West Alliance

From early starts at Roelands Village, OAA is now building the East West Alliance (EWA), as a first step towards a national alliance for ethical and sustainable business in bush foods, botanicals, nutraceuticals and other land-based business. EWA leaders have been connected since 2011/12 and are expanding in their membership along the Murray Corridor today (2018).

EWA will eventually provide advice to the industry for authentic, ethical and sustainable commercialisation, and protection of cultural knowledge and product in business. Currently the industry is unregulated and does not bring adequate returns and protections to communities and country.

EWA leaders will drive engagement with landholders and investors who choose to build cooperative, ethical, and values driven business.

EWA leaders are collaborating to foster the development of Australia’s next Aboriginal led cooperative, Murray Corridor Enterprises, and link with NLE for shared business opportunity.

Watch this website for updates on the EWA project as it unfolds. We are supported by industry mentor Jasper Coffee (Australia’s first Fairtrade Coffee Company), Indigenous Business Australia, and the Tri State Alliance (an alliance of seven natural resource management agencies along the Murray Corridor, NSW, Victoria and SA).

For Murray Corridor Enterprises development contact:

Neville Atkinson, Murray Corridor Business Development Project Manager,

Phone: 03 5820 1142 Mobile: 0419502272

RESPECT – OAA Capability Building Programs

Our interests are in investment and capability building for strong, ethical Aboriginal led business that create opportunity for all, including those who need support to re-engage in education, training, employment and business.

Our RESPECT training programs are locally led and driven. We promote strengths focused, opportunity orientated models that start from strengths and possibility, not deficit and disadvantage.

We assist local communities to build and negotiate their own RESPECT programs and academies such as Roelands Village Academy in SW WA, that integrate:

  • Healing, identity and cultural enhancement
  • Core skills for re-engagement with education, training and employment
  • Entrepreneurship skills and experiences through participation in on-site and broader, OAA partner business engagement and work experience
  • Technical, specialist skills for a chosen career/business path such as hospitality and tourism, or agriculture and horticulture
  • Community legacy projects to build a sense of connection and value for the individual within the local community context

Roelands Village Academy RESPECT students are building an All Abilities Edible Bush Foods Garden. They are working to enhance the on-site tourism experience for people of all abilities and backgrounds.

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We are also building strong relationships with vocational education and tertiary education providers to enhance RESPECT programs and pathways from school, or re-engagement in education and employment.

Red Dust Heelers

The Red Dust Heeler program is committed to the inclusion of people with disability in all areas of life – and uses sport as a vehicle to build healing friendships and a connected community – Read More