Our Work and Priorities


We support the development of strong and successful joint business and employment enterprises, that are aligned to Outback Academy Values and Priorities through:

  1. The creation of business incubation and skills centres (demonstration models) for sustainable agriculture, bush native foods and other food production, tourism, building and construction, and various land-based enterprises. Centres encourage connection and knowledge-resource sharing between Indigenous and other joint business owner-operators
  2. Delivery of Outback Academy RESPECT Employability Skills programs directly linked to real business and employment opportunities, in partnership with local VET providers
  3. Negotiating business start-up investments from the business sector as part of ethical and transparent Joint Venture arrangements that provide a ‘kick-start’ for struggling but viable Indigenous business enterprises
  4. Developing Outback Academy related products for the food and tourism markets that in turn support the sustainability of the Foundation and the communities and business operators it supports
  5. Brokering investment into research and development for sustainable food production and bush native foods business programs and business development for Indigenous land-holders
  6. Brokering required independent legal and financial expertise to support the Indigenous business operators, and build informed consent
  7. Providing a dedicated Social Investments – Social Inclusion team that focuses on local community healing interests, and on-going delivery of Outback Academy supported healing and community strengthening programs such as Red Dust Healing see www.thereddust.com and the Red Dust Heelers, Healing and Wheeling programs see facebook.com/reddustheelers
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